Why Choose Us

Family-owned Orchard
Fruit Generation has a total of 200 acres durian orchard, strategically located in the eastern and western part of the district, 30 of which are planted with Musang King, all ranged between the age of 35-40 years. Apart from the Musang King (D197), we also cultivate different varieties of durians, including D101, D24 as well as Durian Kampung. With years of experience in growing and farming techniques, our durian trees have grown well in professionally managed orchards, each of the durians stand out with succulent flesh and rich aroma.

With family-owned orchards, we are able to cope with growing consumer demand and ensure the quality of our products are at the highest standards. All in all, we use the best to produce the best.

Quality Assurance
Since our humble beginnings, quality has always been our top priority on every production. We always go all-out in offering the best quality durian-based products to our customers. We offer a wide array of durian purees such as Musang King (D197), D101, D24 as well as Durian Kampung.

Further, our durian purees and other durian-based products are made from premium quality durian, all freshly harvested from our orchard. When making the durian puree, we utilize cutting-edge equipment to extract the durian flesh from its seed and further processed in a controlled environment so as to ensure the quality, freshness and safety of the finalized products. Upholding our core philosophy, our durian purees are of amazing quality, which is silky in texture and heavenly luscious. The goodness of durians is well-preserved to tantalize the most delectable palates. Needless to say, our durian purees are the best ingredients for making specialty desserts and gourmet pastries.

One-stop Supplier
Our products are mainly supplied to food industry, patisseries and bakeries, just to name a few. From durian planting, harvesting, processing, packaging to marketing, our one-stop business solutions are highly flexible to accommodate bulk as well as custom orders. In addition to that, our one-stop services have enabled customers to focus on their core business with complete peace of mind.